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Psychotherapy is central to my treatment paradigm. I utilize an eclectic approach, at times employing elements of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness-based therapy approaches. Which approach may be most beneficial varies not only with each individual but also over time.


Psychopharmacology is extremely important to many treatment plans. Medications can be very effective in targeting specific symptoms. My philosophy is to attempt to have patients on the lowest dose of medications sufficient to control symptoms while working towards the goal of complete symptom resolution without the use of medications if possible.

Integrative Psychiatry

Besides the above two traditional treatment approaches I actively integrate into individualized treatment plans any complementary or alternative treatments that have been proven safe and effective. This now includes a wide array of therapies to include biofeedback, vitamins, fish oils, herbs, supplements, meditation, yoga, and neurofeedback. All recommendations made are based on good evidence in the scientific literature.

I utilize these therapies because it has been documented repeatedly that a large percentage of people suffering with symptoms of psychiatric disorders use some type of complementary or alternative treatments. Many of these individuals never discuss them with their providers, perhaps out of concern that their provider will have negative attitudes toward such treatments. Rather than buying and using vitamins, herbs, and other supplements on their own, I prefer to provide direction to those individuals with whom I work on these. This allows me to ensure they are procured from the most reputable companies and used in a safe and effective manner.

I also explain to individuals the scientifically proven role diet and exercise play in addressing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and ADHD. I discuss personalized changes and regimens that could benefit them the most.

Wellness Work

More than merely treating the symptoms that brought patients to me, I endeavor to assist patients in moving beyond previous levels of functioning in order to create an improved quality of life. I encourage individuals to develop wellness practices ranging from daily meditative or peacefulness practices to improved diet and exercise regimens. My goal is to help foster an overall healthier outlook on life. Creating the direction of one’s future while having gratitude and being present in the experience of one’s life are central tenets to my work with individuals.

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